Lawn Installation

Lawn Installation

Rolling out colourful and hearty turf

Proper lawn installation is critical to prevent shrinkage and fungal diseases from harming the young grasses and fragile roots.

The first step is great site preparation—Rhyno’s Landscaping removes all weeds and other vegetation, and makes sure there is a suitable layer of soil and appropriate organic matter to help sod establish a strong root system.

We install your rolled turf as soon as it is delivered to prevent the root systems from drying out.
The benefits of proper and complete lawn installation are:

  • improved colour uniformity
  • increased lawn density to help prevent weeds
  • faster recovery from foot traffic
  • less need for water and fertilizers
  • more environmentally responsible
  • less maintenance required

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Rhyno’s Landscaping offers a complete line of Landscape Design, Construction and Maintenance services for your residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout Halifax, Dartmouth, Sackville, and surrounding areas.

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