Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

A functional and dynamic way to enhance your outdoor space

Exterior landscape lighting symbolizes a maturation of modern landscape design. It enhances ambiance, extends the space usability, and improves safety. At Rhyno’s Landscaping, our goal is to provide high-quality, energy-efficient, trouble-free landscape lighting, with colour-changing capabilities, textures and highlights that enhance the beauty of your space.

LED outdoor lighting is the most efficient and reliable landscape lighting option. We offer quality LEDs properly encased in water-resistant, high-quality aluminum alloy housings with corrosion-resistant coating. This is crucial for the longevity of your system, since the equipment is exposed to constant ground moisture and other environmental conditions.

LEDs are great for landscape lighting because they are:

  • cost-effective
  • energy efficient
  • longer lasting than store-bought lighting

Have our trained staff or our certified electricians install your new LED landscape lighting. Smartphone controlled systems are now available as well, allowing you to control your landscape lighting wherever you are!

Eight aspects of outdoor lighting design

1. Outdoor Path Lighting

Path lighting allows you to safely walk through and enjoy your landscape at night. Most designs have the lights located along the path’s edge.

Other alternatives that make your path safe and beautiful include:

  • lights inset between the stones of the pathway
  • down lighting
  • accent lighting

2. Deck Lighting

Deck lighting can help safely guide you across your deck, while also providing great light for evening gatherings. Step lighting uses small fixtures and line LED lighting to cast a soft and glare free light across steps, decks and landings.

3. Directional Landscape Lighting

Directional lighting is great for creating extra contrast—shadows and silhouettes—and is useful for spatial compositions. The creation of shadow puppets from shrubs and trees can be achieved with attentive planning and pruning, along with correct placement of your directional lights.

4. Feature, Spot and Accent Lighting

This technique is used to showcase garden features such as statues, monuments and signage while also directing the gaze away from perhaps less desirable features like RVs, wells and neighbour’s fences.

It is practical to place lights near places where tasks are performed, including:

  • plugs
  • taps
  • pool/hot tub controls
  • storage bins
  • BBQs

5. Effects and Seasonal Lighting

Lights provide more effects when brightness and colour can be changed and controlled. Explore lighting that can be adjusted to reflect different holidays, and even set to work with music.

6. Pond Lighting

Ponds, waterfalls and fountains look great during the day—and they can look great at night too! Transform your water feature into a dynamic nighttime scene of breathtaking beauty with vibrant underwater landscape lighting.

7. Landscape Up-lighting

Up-lighting techniques place lights close to the base of a feature to bring out its unique texture. It’s perfect on an old tree with complex and interesting bark, or a stone wall with lots of relief, bringing out light and dark areas at the same time.

8. Landscape Down-lighting

Create a moonlit effect by placing your LEDs facing downward. By increasing the illuminated area, down-lighting techniques can provide an alternative approach to lighting paths or driveways, avoiding the creation of a runway effect.

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