Water Feature & Ponds: Construction

Water Feature & Ponds: Construction image

If you are considering water features or ponds to enhance the look and feel of your property, look no further than the experts at Rhyno's Landscaping of Halifax. The calming sound of your own private waterfall, the luring surface that calls the ducks to make personal visits to your property and the joy of Koi - Koi or more specifically nishikigoi are a type of pond fish, (Cyprinus carpio) are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or Japanese water gardens. Koi are among the longest-living vertebrates, with some animals living over 200 years.

The pond is a wonderful garden feature but it requires planning and maintenance like any important feature. There are plant and pump considerations, bio-filtration systems, lighting, and other controls and issues that your pond experts can provide you guidance with. Ponds, and water features are common focal points of famous landscape designs. Sometimes it may prove necessary to string nets or wires above the surface to protect expensive fish from predators. A well-designed outdoor fish pond will have areas too deep for herons to stand in, overhangs high enough above the water that mammals can't reach in, and shade trees overhead to block the view of aerial hunters passing by.