Tree & Stump Removal Services

Tree and stump removal is a difficult process at best. Getting the tree to come down in the right spot is the first big challenge and why you hire us. Once it comes down there is the stump that has to go. If you've ever removed a stump by hand you'll call a professional to do it the second time. It turns out that there is no simple answer to the question how to remove a tree stump. There are many different things that you can do. Some experts on how to remove tree stumps recommend chemicals. They sell chemicals that you can put in the stumps which make them decompose quicker. Although this idea can work, it takes a long time for the tree stump to fully decompose, and who knows what kind of effect the chemicals will have on the local environment. Once we get the tree down, our crew will need to dig the soil around the tree roots and expose as much of the roots as we possibly can. With a sharp axe we are able to chop the main roots all around the tree. Sometimes we need to bring in a backhoe or an excavator. Once the crew gets the stump loose enough, they can attach a truck, or come-a-long or tractor to the chain and pull the stump out of the ground for you. It won't seem like the crew is getting anywhere for a long time, but eventually you will see the stump start to move. Manual tree stump removal is cheaper than calling in a machine but has the drawback of being highly labor-intensive. So, if you live in the Halifax area and want our services to remove a tree or stubborn stump, give us a call!