Sod & Lawn Installation

Sod & Lawn Installation image

If we charge a bit more to roll out a successful sod installation, it is because we do it the right way. Site preparation is extremely important before laying down your rolled turf lawn. Gardeners should remove all weeds and other vegetation. Furthermore, the soil should be broken up with a tiller to help sod establish a strong root system. Proper installation of your new lawn is also critical to prevent shrinkage and fungal diseases from harming the young grasses and fragile roots. Install your rolled turf as soon as it is delivered to prevent the root systems from drying out.

The benefits of proper and complete soil preparation will be: improved color uniformity, increased lawn density which helps prevent weeds, faster recovery from wear from your garden and lawn parties, reduced requirements for using water and fertilizers which makes Rhyno's Landscaping a more environmentally responsible choice, and you benefit from an overall reduction in maintenance. Do your sod installation right the first time.