Commercial Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal image

Looking for a snow removal company in Halifax? We'd be happy to provide our services! Winters in Nova Scotia are not to betaken lightly. We all know the messy weather Mother Nature loves to bombard us with time and again. That's why we encourage you to take action ahead of time to make sure you're not having to dig yourself out of the 2 feet of snow that suddenly appeared from a nor' easter. 

The team at Rhyno's Landscaping is fully equipped to take on any challenges Mother Nature would like to throw our way! We do snow removal for commercial properties, contracts and monthly billing. Our trucks are fully equipped with plows and salters. We also offer hand shoveling, snow blowing, Bobcat snow removal, and sanding. 

For more information on our competitive prices and outstanding services, give us a call; we'd be glad to help take the snow and ice worries off your mind!