Retaining Walls & Walkways Construction

Retaining Walls & Walkways Construction image

Retaining walls and walkways are an important element in many yards, depending on the topography. Having them installed properly is essential, and Rhyno's Landscaping of Halifax has been doing it right since 2004. Decorative rock installations can spice up a garden pathway, adding color and providing a tool to designers that help them to define spaces. Decorative rock comes in a variety of colors, including various shades of white, brown, black, gray and red. Its size ranges from small gravel to golf-ball sized pebbles. There is also choices in textures.

Pebble stone borders and rock installations allow property owners the opportunity to create accents to driveways, walkways and other creative features that enhance the visual value of the property. Proper design and construction makes all the difference to the final product and its longevity. Working first with landscape architect or designer, you determine the area that will feature the decorative rock and our landscaping crew will mark it off with a rope or spray paint. The crew will dig out the soil within the marked border to a depth of four to six inches taking care not to make a mess. They will then smooth and compact the trench. A bottom layer of crushed rock is added to provide a base for the decorative rock and to save you money on materials - crushed rock is less expensive than decorative rock. The crew should spray and compact the layer of crushed stone. The next material item the crew needs for the job is landscaping fabric to cover the compacted crushed rock to help prevent weeds from growing in your decorative rocks and to reduce future maintenance expenses. Saving money using the crushed rock to create your base lets the designer spend a few extra dollars on the remaining trench that we fill with your more expensive decorative rocks. That's how Rhyno's Landscaping does it right.