Green Roof Installation & Maintenance

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Are you interested in a green roof to improve your home and also make it more environmentally friendly? Green roofs are a great investment in your building and the environment. Rhyno's Landscaping designs, installs and maintains a wide variety of vegetated roof systems from ultra-lightweight to highly elaborate green roof gardens. Beautiful green roofs are sprouting across Canada, the Maritimes and the Halifax area. Rhyno's installations include Yarmouth High School, Bluenose Academy in Lunenburg, the new CPA High School in Bedford, the Citadel Halifax Hotel and the very modern and environmentally friendly Halifax Central Library. Naturally, green roofs not only add prestige and aesthetic value to your building but also reduce building energy costs, extend the lifespan of the roofing membrane, manage storm water and filter air pollutants.

Modern eco-green roofs have three main variations: extensive green roofs, ( ) intensive green roofs, and pond roofs. The extensive green roofs are lightweight, hardy sedum groundcover which are easy to remove and maintain. Intensive green roofs are beautifully designed rooftop gardens. These may include trees and shrubbery, and can be additional amenity space. A rooftop pond affords the building an approach to managing grey water to help make buildings more efficient and profitable over time. Add prestige to your building install a green roof or pond on your rooftop!

University of Michigan has compared the expected life-cycle costs and benefits of green roofs versus conventional roofs of the same size and found that while a green roof initially costs approximately 25% more to install, it would save close to 50% of the initial investment over its lifetime compared to the conventional roof. Nearly 2/3 of those savings would come from reduced energy use; the other savings would come from improved storm water management and public health benefits of absorbing nitrogen oxides and mitigating air pollution.