Asphalt Driveway Paving

Asphalt Driveway Paving image

It's time to pave the gravel driveway because you can't afford the cost of cobblestones and pavers. You need it done right, and the experts at Rhyno's Landscaping of Halifax would be happy to speak with you about your paving project. A successful paving solution depends greatly on proper site preparation and the use and application of the right materials under the right conditions - that's why roads aren't paved in the winter. Traditional asphalt driveways are not an environmentally friendly solution. In the natural environment, rainfall sinks into soil, filters through it, and eventually finds its way to streams, ponds, lakes, and underground aquifers. The built environment, by way of contrast, seals the surface. Rainwater and snow-melt become runoff which may contribute to flooding. Contaminants are washed from surfaces directly into waterways without undergoing the filtration that nature intended. Asphalt is a low cost solution while the more environmentally friendly solution would be pavers. There is also an option to install porous asphalt which is more expensive but more environmentally friendly.

Asphalt installations may require the removal of fences or gates prior to laying the driveway. These structures are adjusted and reinstalled to accommodate the higher pavement. With a nice new driveway you need to maintain it by applying driveway sealer as part of your property maintenance program to prevent water from working into surface pores. Water that works into surface pores can cause cracks to begin to develop. Asphalt splits and cracks should be sealed quickly even the small ones to keep cracks from getting larger.